Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh boy Saturday!

Saturday to do list...
1. Get up at 5:00 a.m. - check
2. Head to Lincoln Hay Market despite threatening lightening. - check
3. Get to Hay Market set up canopy. - check
4. Get wet while waiting for rain to stop. -check
5. Stand in the wind and rain for half and hour trying not to let the canopy blow away. - check
6. decide it's not worth it and and try to fold the wet canopy back up. - check
7. go home. - check
8. Get coffee. - check
9. Get home. - check
10. Make pumkin bread for breakfast. - check
11. Milk goats. - check
13. Go to Seward farmer's market to get tomatoes and stock up on jelly for the winter. - check
14. Spend a vast amount of time at thrift store. - check
15. spend a little money on lots of things you don't really mean. - check
16. Go home. - check
17. Eat lunch. - check
18. Go to bed. because Saturdays are supposed to be spent in bed.

That's what happens when it rains on my Saturday morning.

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