Monday, July 12, 2010

Movie time...

I just finished watching Cinderella with my four year old sister. She brought it to me and asked me to watch it with her. You know the ooooolllldd Disney version. The "timeless classic" I guess it is. We have the old VHS too, no Blue Ray HD whatever. Good old fuzzy VHS that doesn't get scratched when you leave it sit on the shelf out of it's case.
I remember watching Cinderella when I was a little girl with my sister. It was never my favorite but I still remember watching it. And I didn't really want to watch it tonight either but it was totally worth it to see my little sister's reactions. Especially at the end when the glass slipper gets broken and Cinderella pulls the other one out of her pocket, my sister clapped her hands together and yelled "It is hers!" :) Timeless.

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  1. Too cute! :) I remember watching that same VHS tape!